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Configuration Setting Groups

LYNX contains a number of settings that allow you to configure it to meet your SIS-25Live integration requirements, grouped as:

Only configuration settings that are applicable to your SIS are displayed in LYNX, although all settings are described in this documentation.

Set and "Forget"

These settings generally don't need to be changed after initial set up. If you're preparing for LYNX use, read on, but if you've already set the configuration options and your scheduling process hasn't changed since last term you don't need to do anything.

If You're Currently Using a TCS Interface, Read This

If you are currently using the Series25-SIS (TCS) Interface but plan to move to the Series25 LYNX Interface (which is highly recommended), review this “best practices” article which describes how to migrate from your current Interface configuration settings to those in LYNX: LYNX Implementation - TCS to LYNX configuration conversion guide.

To Access and Use Configuration Settings

  1. Choose Settings from the LYNX Configuration menu to go to the Settings page.

    Note: Only the Campus Solutions and Universal versions of the Interface have an Exam Import/Export Settings category, and only the Workday version of the Interface has an API Integration Settings category.

    Configuration Settings page
    Image: Configuration Settings page

  2. Click each settings group in turn, and follow the guidelines (accessible via the links in Configuration Setting Groups above) to appropriately configure settings in that group for your environment. After you've configured settings in a group, click Back to return to the Settings page where you can select the next group to configure.

No Save Button For Configuration Settings

There is no explicit Save button for configuration settings. Any changes you make to these settings are saved automatically and applied immediately.

  LYNX Help

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