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The Clean Up 25Live Utility lets you perform a mass deletion in 25Live of any of the following:

  • Sections that exist in 25Live but don’t meet the criteria of any active, inactive, or archived extract set
  • Sections that exist in 25Live but have been deleted in the SIS
  • Exam events (not additional profiles) that exist in 25Live but don’t meet the criteria of any active, inactive, or archived extract set
  • Exam events that are missing an associated section

Note: you may also want to consider deleting exams using the extract set that created them in the first place.

Things to look out for

Two important notes keep in mind about cleanup:

  1. The cleanup process requires that at least one extract set be active at the time it is run. If you don't have any active extract sets, either activate one or create a new temporary extract set for the duration of the cleanup and delete it when you are done.
  2. Editing extract sets while they are inactive can cause undesired results. If you edit an inactive extract set so that some sections no longer meet its criteria, this will not affect the cleanup process. (In other words, the cleanup process checks sections against criteria of extract sets at the time they were made inactive.) For best results, edit extract set criteria first and then inactivate the set.

To Run the Cleanup Process

  1. From the LYNX Utilities menu, choose Clean Up 25Live.
  2. Select the deletion type you want. (You may not see all of the options described above, depending on your LYNX configurations.)

    Image: Select deletion type
  3. Click the Load button.
  4. Click Edit (pencil icon), select the term(s) you want included in the mass deletion, then click Done.

    Image: Select the terms you want included in the mass deletion
  5. (Optional) If you want to search for a subset of sections or exams in the selected term(s), enter a partial or full section or exam name.
  6. Click Search to view the sections or exams that will be deleted.
  7. Click the Delete Events in 25Live button.

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