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Series25 Group Administration is a single place from which 25Live Administrators can set up and configure any aspect of the 25Live environment related to a group of user members (functional security, access to master definitions, preferences, and so on). Each group has its own unique set of enabled actions and characteristics. Each group member can be in only one group.

Currently Group Administration allows you to create groups, add members to them, and set their functional security. Future releases will be expanded to include other areas of user group management, such as specifying preferences.

If you are familiar with setting security permissions in the 25Live Administration Utility, compare the settings there to the permissions available in this tool.

To try this new tool, follow these guidelines:

  • Use Group Administration in your Series25 Test instance first, before you try it in production.
  • Make sure Object Security is turned on in your Series25 environment.
  • Ensure that those users who will be using Group Administration have this functional security:
    • In the 25Live Administration Utility: Contacts > Security Groups = Can view user lists, change security group permissions, assign members to groups, make users active or inactive, create and delete security groups, and enable/disable object security.
    • The Group Administration equivalent is Admin 11.0 (View User Lists and Change Security Configurations) which must be set to "Yes."

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