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Importing locations and organizations from your SIS to 25Live via LYNX is very similar to importing classes. Both are fundamentally built on the concept of Extract Sets.

To import a location or organization extract set, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Import to 25Live > Location/Org Import and choose the type of object you wish to import.
  2. Create an extract set or select an existing one.
  3. Click Review and Import to see the contents of the extract set.
  4. Click Import to 25Live.

Like with other types of extract sets, LYNX will also update locations and organizations in 25Live if changes are detected in the SIS while an extract set is active. 

You can see more details at Importing or Exporting an Extract Set for general instructions that apply to all extract sets. 

Extract Set Details

Screenshot of extract set results showing a list of locations

Image: Review the information for the locations included in the Import Extract Set 

When reviewing an extract set, you'll see these columns:

  • UID: LYNX's unique identifier for the object
  • Identifier: Location or organization name
  • Summary: Location formal name or organization title
  • Import: Indicates whether or not the location will be imported
    • “Yes” indicates the location will be created or updated in 25Live
    • “Native" indicates that an object with the same name already exists in 25Live, so a duplicate won't be created. You may want to contact CollegeNET Support for UID Conversion to allow LYNX to update it in the future.

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