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All types of bound event groups (or "bindings") created in LYNX are managed on the same page. You can reach this page from the main menu by clicking Configuration > Data Binding.

This page allows you to perform several functions:

  • Search for existing bindings of any type
  • Create new bindings or edit existing ones
  • Import sections or exams into 25Live that belong to bindings
  • Delete bindings one by one or all at once

Screenshot of the LYNX data binding page with search results showing all bindings for a term

Image: Data Binding Page in LYNX

Search For Existing Bindings

On the Data Binding page, select the following options:

  • Type: choose the type of binding you're looking for, or select All
  • Term Code: enter the code(s) for the terms you want to work with
  • Keyword: limit the search to groups with matching names or sections with matching CRNs

Click Search to see a list of matching results.

Image: Bound Group Search Results

Add or Edit Bindings

To edit bound groups or create new ones:

  1. Choose a type of binding
  2. Click Search to see existing bindings
  3. Click Edit next to a group's name to edit its details (including adding or removing meeting patterns from the group)
  4. Use the buttons below the search results to add new bindings
  5. Complete the binding by importing events into 25Live (see below)

See further instructions on the pages for bound sections/examsoverlapping sections, and back-to-back binding.

Import Bindings Into 25Live

When you create bound groups or edit their details, your changes are not applied to 25Live until the next import occurs. You can trigger this manually by going to the Import Extract Sets page, or you can import individual bound groups one by one.

To import bound groups:

  1. Search for existing bindings as described above
  2. Click Import next to a group's name
  3. Click Confirm in the box that pops up
  4. View a summary of the import on the Import Details page
  5. Click Back at the bottom to return to the Data Binding page

Delete Bindings

To delete bound groups:

  1. Search for existing bindings as described above
  2. Click Delete next to a group's name to remove the group from LYNX
  3. Click Delete All Groups at the bottom of a page to remove all search results
  4. Import the sections into 25Live to remove the bindings between events

Image: Confirmation of deleting bound groups

Don't forget to delete after importing!

Just like adding or editing bindings in LYNX doesn't affect events until you update 25Live, removing a bound group from LYNX does not automatically remove the binding relationship between events. You need LYNX to update the events 25Live in order to fully get rid of the binding.

The easiest way to do this is to check the box labeled "import members of deleted bound groups" in the box that pops up when you delete.

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