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For the time being, Workday does not support updating a section's registered headcount in 25Live through LYNX's API connection. However, LYNX can update this data by running a custom Workday report as a service.

Follow the instructions on this page to create the report and configure the necessary Workday and LYNX settings.

Once set up, this report will update registered headcount in 25Live whenever Workday course section data is initialized, either manually or through the automatic initialization function.

Create the Custom Report

These steps in Workday may require additional permissions. Contact an administrator if you are unable to perform them.

  1. Use the search bar in your Workday tenant to find and select the Create Custom Report task.

    Image: Choose the Create Custom Report task
  2. Use the following options to create the report:
    • Report Name: CNET RPT Registered Head Count (must use this name exactly)
    • Report Type: Advanced
    • Temporary Report: No
    • Enable As Web Service: Yes
    • Optimized for Performance: No
    • Data Source: Course Section Definitions
      Screenshot of report creation in Workday with the settings previously described
      Image: Custom report settings during creation
  3. Click OK to create the report.

Edit the Report Settings

Once the report is created, set the following options in the Additional Info section. You may use the attached Excel file summary as a reference.


Business ObjectFieldColumn Heading Override XML Alias
Course Section DefinitionSectionCourse_Section
Course Section DefinitionAcademic PeriodAcademic_Period
Course Section DefinitionNumber of Registered Registration RecordsReg_Head_Count


No options selected


Filter conditions for filtering on instances
And/Or(FieldOperatorComparison TypeComparison Value)Indexed
Academic Periodin the selection listPrompt the user for the value and ignore the filter condition if the value is blankDefault Prompt
Sectionin the selection listPrompt the user for the value and ignore the filter condition if the value is blankDefault Prompt

Condition as text: Academic Period in the selection list from user input And Section in the selection list from user input


No options selected


Set the following options:

  • Populate Undefined Prompt Defaults: No
  • Display Prompt Values in Subtitle: Yes
Prompt Defaults
FieldPrompt QualifierLabel for PromptLabel For Prompt XML AliasDefault Type
Academic PeriodDefault Prompt
Academic_PeriodNo default value
SectionDefault Prompt
SectionNo default value


Set the following options:

  • Output Type: Table
  • Enable As Worklet: No


Choose the option to "share with specific authorized groups and users" and select the Integration System User  account configured earlier in Workday setup.

The ISU account requires specific domain permissions as described on that page. The "View and Modify: Custom Report Creation" permission is necessary to update registered headcount with this report.


Set the following options:

  • Report Performance
    • Optimized for Performance: No
  • View Options
    • Freeze First Column: No
    • Enable Preferred Currency: No
    • Enable Save Parameters: No
    • Exclude Execution Link from Search: No
  • Web Services Options
    • Enable as Web Service: Yes
    • Web Service API Version: v35.0
    • Namespace:
  • Worksheets
    • Enable for Worksheets: No
  • Prism
    • Enable for Prism: No
  • Temporary Report
    • Temporary Report: No
    • Date Report Definition will be Deleted: N/A
  • Facet Options
    • Sort Facets Alphabetically: Yes
    • No facet filters

Transfer Ownership

In order for LYNX to call the report, it must be owned by the Integration System User account.

  1. Click the three dots next to the report name to open the Actions menu.
  2. Select Custom Report > Transfer Ownership.Screenshot of the custom report actions menu with arrows indicating the proper options to click
    Image: Transfer ownership via the Custom Report actions menu
  3. In the window that opens, enter the name of the report and the ISU account.

    Image: Specify the report name and the ISU account name

Domain security policy permissions are necessary!

Make sure that the ISU account has the "View and Modify: Custom Report Creation" domain permission, or else you will not be able to transfer ownership to it.

Configure LYNX

Once the report is created, LYNX must be configured to run this report as a service. Enable the Import Section Registered Head Count in the API Integration Settings area of configuration.

Screenshot of the Import Section Registered Head Count setting, which is enabled with a radio button

Image: Enable the Import Section Registered Head Count setting

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