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25Live allows you to configure a number of user defaults for the application.

Getting to the General Settings

More Menu location and System Settings link
Image: The More menu location and Systems Settings link.

The System Settings section is accessible from the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Use the menu link to go to the General Settings section.

System Settings General Settings section
Image: The settings are in the General Settings section of the System Settings.

Use the User Defaults  link in the left-side menu to view the section.

How to Customize User Defaults

User Defaults
Image: Use these options to configure the experience across the application for all users.

1. Set the Default Pro Home Mode

The initial view displayed for the default 25Live view, the Dashboard, Calendar, or Home Availability. 25Live users can also specify their preference for their next sign-in session by selecting their preferred Home view before signing out.

2. Add a Default Pro Dashboard Username

The username of the user whose custom dashboard configuration will be applied to new users in 25Live. Any dashboard configuration changes made by the default dashboard user also update the user environment of any existing users who have not customized their dashboard.

3. Select the Event, Location, Resource, and Organization Default View

The default view displayed when opening an individual event, location, resource, or organization.

4. Save Your Selections

Use the Save button to save your choices. The Cancel button will remove unsaved changes.

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